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GATE 2024 Subject Name Foundation Quiz 62

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Question 1

In a transistor amplifier, change of 0.025V in signal voltage causes the base current to change by 15 µA and collector current by 1.2 mA. If collector and load resistances are of 6kΩ and 12kΩ, determine input resistance in kΩ.

Question 2

For the DC analysis of the Common-Emitter amplifier shown, neglect the base current and assume that the emitter and collector current are equal. Given that VT =25mV, VBE =0.7V, and the BJT output resistance r0 is practically infinite. Under these conditions, the Midband voltage gain magnitude.
Ac = |V0/Vi|V/V, is _____

Question 3

For the given circuit, if the resistance R2 is doubled, what is its effect on the current IC

Question 4

In the voltage regulator circuit in figure the maximum load current IL that can be drawn is

Question 5

Determine the region of operation of silicon transistor shown in circuit below:

[Assume: β = 150, VBE (sat) = 0.8 V, VBE (active) = 0.7 V, VCE (sat) = 0 V, VD for diodes D1 & D2 is 0.7 V]

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