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GATE 2024 Subject Name Foundation Quiz 60

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Question 1

In the circuit shown, V1 = 0 and V2 = Vdd. The other relevant parameters are mentioned in the figure. Ignoring the effect of channel length modulation and the body effect, the value of Iout is ___________ mA (rounded off to 1 decimal place).

Question 2

Two n-channel MOSFETs, T1 and T2, are identical in all respects except that the width of T2 is double that of T1. Both the transistors are biased in the saturation region of operation, but the gate overdrive voltage (VGS-VTH) of T2 is double that of T1, where VGS and VTH are the gate – to – source voltage and threshold voltage of the transistors, respectively. If the drain current and transconductance of T1 are ID1 and gm1 respectively, the corresponding values of these two parameters for T2 are

Question 3

If an n-channel E-MOSFET has and the over drive voltage required to operate the MOSFET in saturation region is, then the drain current produced by the E-MOSFET is

Question 4

The small signal equivalent of a MOSFET is given. Calculate the input resistance Rin?

Question 5

Consider the N – MOS transistor baised as shown in the figure given below. The MOSFET parameters are KN = 1mA/V2 VT = 1.5V and λ = o. The transistor is used as an amplifier, if input signal is Vin = 5 sin(wt) mV, then output voltage Vo will be

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