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GATE 2024 Subject Name Foundation Quiz 59

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Question 1

In the circuit shown, transistors Q1 and Q2 are biased at a collector current of 2.6mA. If transistor current gains are sufficiently large to assume collector current equal to emitter current and thermal voltage of 26 mV, the magnitude of voltage gain V0/Vs in the mid-band frequency range is __________ (up to second decimal place).

Question 2

In the given figure , , the magnitude of voltage gain() will be ___

Question 3

An amplifier in open loop has an amplification gain of -100.If the amplifier is used with feedback and 5% part of the output is given back to the negative feedback circuit. Then the overall gain of the feedback circuit is____

Question 4

The current gain of an emitter follower is 50. The power gain is approximately

Question 5

For the given fixed-bias configuration, determine the parameters re & ro for its equivalent re  model of the transistor, if the input impedance of the network is 1 kΩ and the output impedance is 4 kΩ.

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