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GATE 2024 Control Systems Foundation Quiz 76

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Question 1

A state-space representation of a system is given by and . The zero input time response of the system is sin The value of is ______.

Question 2

The state equation of an LTI system is

The state transition matrix will be

Question 3


The response for step input is

Question 4

A controlled process is modelled by the following equations

The control u(t) is obtained from state feedback such that

u(t) = –K1x1(t) – K2x2(t)

Where, K1 and K2 are real constants. The closed loop system is stable in the region

Question 5

The state space representation of a separately excited DC servo dynamics is given as

where w is the speed of the motor, ia is the armature current, and u is the armature voltage.

The transfer function  of the motor is

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