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GATE 2024 Analog Circuits Rank Booster Quiz 9

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Question 1

Assuming that the opamp in the circuit shown below is ideal, the output voltage V0 (in volts) is______

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Consider the following circuit

Both diodes are ideal. Vi is a sinusoidal waveform peak to peak amplitude of 5V. Choose the correct options

Question 3

For a typical op-amp if the compensating capacitor is 20 PF and This internal capacitor charging current is 130 μA. Find the slew rate _________V/μsec (up to two decimal points)

Question 4

For the ideal op-amp circuit, the voltage gain is ____

Question 5

A photodetector circuit is shown in the figure. The photodiode has an active area of 10+2 um2 (um is micrometre)and a sensitivity of 0.55 A/W. When the light of intensity 10mW/cm2 falls on the photo-diode, the output voltage V0 is ___ volt.

Question 6

Consider the circuit shown below:

If the input voltage Vin = 1mV, then the output voltage V0 is

(Assume op-amp to be ideal)

Question 7

Consider the circuit shown below :

If the op-amp is ideal, then the width of the Hysteresis is?

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