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GATE 2024 Analog Circuits Rank Booster Quiz 8

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Question 1

In the amplifier circuit shown in figure, the transistor has at a thermal voltage of. The upper cutoff frequency of the amplifier is approximately.

Question 2

The DC voltage gain in the following circuit is given by

Question 3

Consider an amplifier circuit shown in the figure below.

The voltage gain of the circuit is equal to ___________ (Assume VT = 25 mV and VBE = 0.7 V)

Question 4

The hFE values in the specification sheet of a transistor are hFE(max) = 225 and hFE(min) = 64 . What value of hFE is to be adopted in practice?

Question 5

An open transistor (with c = 1pF) has a unity-gain cut of frequency f1 200 MHz at a dc bias current IC = 10 mA. The value off Cμ (in pF) is _______ (VT = 2.6 mV)

(upto one decimal point)

Question 6

Which one of the following gain equations is correct for a MOSFET common source amplifier? ( gm is mutual conductance and RD is load resistance at as drain)

Question 7

Consider an NMOS device with parameters VTNO = 1V and = 0.37V. Determine the maximum value of r such that the shift in threshold voltage between VSB = 0 and VSB = 10 V is not more than 1.2V
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