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GATE 2024 Analog Circuits Rank Booster Quiz 6

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Question 1

The diode in the circuit given below is ideal. The current in the 16 kΩ resistor is _______mA .

Question 2

For the circuit with ideal diodes shown in the figure, the shape of the out put (Vout) for the given sine wave input (Vin) will be

Question 3

For the transistor shown below, to get Vo = 1V, the value of current gain (α) is _____(VBE = 0.6 V)

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

Consider the circuit shown in the figure below:

If diode D1 and D2 are made up of same material with the cut - in voltage Vg = 0.7 V, then Which of the follwing statement is/are correct.

Question 5

Which of the following graph represents the transfer characteristics for the following push pull amplifier (Assume VBE = 0.7 V)

Question 6

Vi the input wave given to the following circuit. Which of the following graph represents output waveform V0.

[Assume the time constant RC is large and diode is ideal].

Question 7

Consider the circuit shown. 

VS is 60 Hz sinusoid of 0.5V peak amplitude, find the peak amplitude (mV) of sine wave signal appearing across diode. (VT = 25 mV)

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