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GATE 2023 Electrical Machines Quiz 34

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Question 1

Which of points on the torque speed curve of the induction motor represents operation at slip less than zero.

Question 2

In a 4-pole, 50 Hz, slip ring induction motor if a voltage of 18 volt is injected in phase opposition with the stand still rotor Emf of 54 volt, then the rotor speed at No. load would be,

Question 3

For a 3-phase induction motor, the torque-slip characteristic for a low slip region can be expressed as:

Question 4

If two 3-phase induction machines are mechanically coupled with each other. The two machines are supplied by 50 Hz and 60 Hz, respectively. the speed of the combination of both machines will be:

Question 5

A 4-pole, 50 Hz, 3-phase induction motor is operating at a full load with a slip of 5%. Let the motor is operating at low slip region (linear torque-slip characteristic). The speed regulation in % will be :

Question 6

A 3-phase source of variable frequency is required for an experiment. The frequency changer system is shown below,

The Induction Motor is 3 phase, 6 pole, wound rotor type whose stator terminals are connected to a three phase 460V, 60Hz supply. The variable frequency output is obtained from the rotor terminals. To obtain frequency of 15 Hz and 120 Hz respectively, the speed of the machine should be at

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