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GATE 2023 Electrical Machines Quiz 26

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Question 1

The unit of reluctance of magnetic circuit is

Question 2

For the series magnetic circuit shown, find the flux density to develop magnetic flux of 4 × 10–4 Wb.

Question 3

_________ is the flux–producing ability of an electric current in a magnetic circuit.

Question 4

A magnetic circuit has a m.m.f. of 400 AT and a reluctance of 2 x 105 AT/Wb. The magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit is_____ mWb.

Question 5

An iron ring of mean length 50 cm has an air gap of 1 mm and a winding of 200 turns. If the permeability of the iron is 300 when a current of 1 A follows through coil, find the flux density in m Wb/m2

Question 6

In the magnetic circuit shown in figure, the areas of cross-section of limbs B and C are respectively 0.01 m2 and 0.02 m2. Air gaps of lengths 1.0 mm and 2.0 mm respectively cut in the limbs B and C . If the magnetic medium can be assumed to have infinite permeability and flux in limb B is 1.0 Wb, the flux in limb A is

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