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GATE 2023 Electrical Machines Champion Quiz 6

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Question 1

The cross-magnetizing effect of the Armature Reaction(AR) in DC machine can be reduced by-

Question 2

In a dc machines the field flux axis and armature mmf axis are respectively along.

Question 3

In case of loaded DC machine, brushes are kept at:

Question 4

Which of the following statement is correct regarding armature reaction effect on generator.

Question 5

The armature resistance in case of LAP wound armature having Z conductors where each conductor of length l meters, a-sectional area in m2, Resistivity ρ and P no. of pole will be.

Question 6

In a 220 volt long shunt compound generator, the resistance of armature, shunt and series winding are 0.05Ω, 110Ω and 0.5Ω respectively. The load consists of 110 lamps connected in parallel, each rated at 55W, 110V. What will be the voltage drop in series field winding _________ in V.

Question 7

A 10-pole, 450V, 1100A, lap wound dc machine has 900 armature conductors. What is the number of conductors in the pole face to give full compensation if the pole face covers 80% of pole span____

Question 8

A 4 pole, 32 A, 180 number of conductors wave wound for a DC shunt generator has field current of 2A Calculate cross magnetising ampere turns per pole at full load if brushes are shifted from its geometrical neutral axis by 12 .5° electrical degree.
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