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GATE 2023 Analog Circuits Quiz 50

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Question 1

Consider the circuit shown in the figure below.

If the cut-in voltage of the diode D1 is equal to 0.7 V, then the value of current flowing through the diode is equal to ________mA.

Question 2

Consider the circuit shown in the figure below:

The diode ‘D’ can be modeled as a battery of voltage in series with a resistor ‘ when biased in forward direction. If the value of resistance = 83.33 , then the value of resistance R is equal to ?

Question 3

For the circuit shown below diode cutin voltage is vin = 0. The ripple voltage is to be no more than vrip = 4 V. The minimum load resistance, that can be connected to the output is ……… kΩ.

Question 4

For the chipper circuit shown in figure. The output voltage at Vi = 10v is __________(Von=0.7V)

Question 5

If in the given circuit, input is sine wave, then function of the following circuit is

Question 6

The input voltage Vin varies linearly from 0 to 150V.

The transfer characteristic for the figure shown below is?
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