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GATE 2022: Theory Of Computation Quiz-3

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Question 1

The regular expression (1 + 01) * (0 + λ ) denotes the language which contains

Question 2

Which of the following regular expression does not represents strings beginning with atleast one 0 and ends in atleast one 1?

Question 3

Find the number of Myhill-Nerode equivalence classes  with respect to the language L where
L = {anbm | m,n 0}

Question 4

The figure is DFA, M.

Which of the following regular expression denotes the set of all words accepted by M

Question 5

Consider the language L given by the regular expression (a+b)*b(a+b) over the alphabet {a, b}. The smallest number of states needed in a deterministic finite-state automation (DFA) accepting L is ______.

Question 6

Consider L be the set of all strings having exactly 1 ‘a’ and exactly 1 ‘b’ where Σ={a,b} . The number of states needed in the minimum states DFA accepting L is -
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