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GATE 2023: Subject Revision Quiz-3

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Question 1

Which among the following is not covered under OSI layer?

Question 2

Consider an IP router with Maximum Transferable Unit (MTU) of 500 B has received an IP datagram of size 3000 B with an IP header of length 15 B . Which of the following is true about IP fragments generated by router for this packet?

Question 3

Suppose a channel implementing SR protocol and having bandwidth of 512 Kbits/second. We need to send a packet which of size 1 KB. If transmission delay is 24ms then minimum number of bits required for the sequence number so that we can achieve 80% utilization.

Question 4

Which of the following are two sub-categories of network firewalls?

Question 5

Consider the following statements:

S1 : When a strict routing has been specified by the source but can not be followed by the intermediate routers, it is not reported by ICMP.
S2 : Suppose host A is sending a large file to host B over a TCP connection, the number of unacknowledged bytes that host A send can not exceeds the size of advertised receiver buffer.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 6

In GB5, we want to send 15 packets and every 7th packet lost then number of transmission required is ____.

Question 7

Consider a 128 × 103 bits/second satellite communication link with one way propagation delay of 150 milliseconds. Selective retransmission (repeat) protocol is used on this link to send data with a frame size of 1 kilobyte. Neglect the transmission time of acknowledgement. The minimum number of bits required for the sequence number field to achieve 100% utilization is _____.

Question 8

Suppose a router has built up the routing table shown below. The router can deliver packets directly over interfaces 0 and 1, or it can forward packets to routers R2, R3, or R4

Consider the following statements :

1) For a packet addressed to the destination, router uses interface 0 as the next hop.

2) For a packet addressed to the destination, router uses interface 1 as the next hop.

Which of the above is/are correct ?

Question 9

A router has the following (CIDR) entries in its routing table:

A packet having a destination address arrives at the router. On which interface will it be forwarded?

Question 10

If your internet connection speed is 8Mbps and wi-fi speed 5mbps then you can download file at speed less than or equal to ________ Mbps. In reverse case if your internet connection speed is 5 Mbps and wi-fi speed 8 Mbps then you can download file at speed less than or equal to ________ Mbps

Question 11

If the bandwidth of the network is 10Mbps, which is used to transmit the data between two nodes which are 200 meters apart with the velocity of 2 X 108 m/s. Calculate the minimum size of frame (in Bits) to acquire the channel __________?

Question 12

One person sends one 8MB file from his computer to his friend computer. The network used circuit switching technique with TDM.5 slots are there. Bit rate of network is 2 Mbps. Network take average time to set up circuit 3 seconds. What is the total time needed to transfer the file? Ignore if there is any delay.

Question 13

Consider there to be five collision which are then to be followed by a progress in case of a ALOHA user producing 50 requests/sec and also time is been slotted in 40msec units, then after considering all of the above cases find the probability of the mentioned collisions ______.

Question 14

Consider the following statements:
S1 : IEEE 802.11 does not uses sequence number.
S2 : The amount of data send in one time in limited by RTS frame (data = sender’s data + ACK).
S3 : IEEE 802.11 uses CSMA/CA medium access protocol.
S4 : The exponential backoff mechanism reduces the probability of collision on retransmissions in ethernet.

Which of the following is true?

Question 15

Consider the following statements about the application layer protocol.

(a) HTTP is a IN BAND protocol while FTP is OUT OF BAND protocol.

(b) HTTP is stateless protocol while FTP is a stateful protocol.

(c) SMTP and POP both are stateless protocol.

(d) SMTP works on port No. 25

The number of incorrect statements is ________?

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