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GATE 2023: Subject Revision Quiz-1

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Question 1

The property of ______ is static in nature, compile time early binding and user friendly.

Question 2

How many minimum number of link (address) fields are modified to insert a new node in the middle of doubly linked list of 11 nodes?

Question 3

What is the best case to find the smallest element in binary search tree implemented using single linked list with n × log n elements?

Question 4

Consider the following C function:

What will the function return when x=4 and y = 2?

Question 5

In a 'for loop' if the condition is missing, then infinite looping can be avoided by a_

Question 6

consider the following linked list

On implement following code fragment, what will be the output

struct node{

int data;

struct node *link;


struct node* p,*head;



Question 7

Identify the valid declaration of a Boolean?

Question 8Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following data structure  used by recursion?

Question 9Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following special symbol allowed in a variable name?

Question 10

Consider the following graph

What is the total number of spanning tree for the above graph?

Question 11

The minimum number of interchanges required to convert this heap into a min-heap.

Question 12

What is the maximum height of an AVL tree with 53 nodes?

Question 13

Consider the set of elements 75 28 18 27 9 39 50. We form a binary tree by placing them level wise and left to right. The difference between the total number of nodes and the number of nodes satisfying the max heap property is _____.

Question 14

Consider the Tower of Hanoi problem in which we have 3 towers and 'n' discs in the leftmost tower. The size of all the discs are different and bigger disc cannot be put onto smaller disc. Our task is to move those 'n' discs from left tower to right tower using middle tower as intermediate. Consider the following recursive program to do so :












Find the number of moves required to move 5 discs from left to right tower _______.

Question 15Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following is true?
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