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GATE 2022: Operating System Quiz-10

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Question 1

Match the following groups.
A) Access time
B) Seek time
C) Rotational latency
D) Data transfer time
1. Desired cylinder
2. Desired sector
3. Actual data
4. Total time start to end

Question 2

Consider the following parameters of a disk system.
Number of cylinders =
Number of sector/track=
Number of surface=
Number of track per surface=
Sector capacity=
Cylinder capacity=
Which of the following is correct to compute the disk capacity of the system?

Question 3

Consider the following characteristics of disk system.
• Seek time is 6 ms per cylinder
• Disk uses shortest seek time first scheduling
• Disk requests for cylinders 8, 24, 20, 5, 41, 8 in that order come into the driver
• Initially disk arm is at cylinder 20 (in ms).
What is the total seek time for the above requests?

Question 4

In a computer system, a disk track can hold 32 sectors each having size of 256 bytes.  The rotation rate is 2000rpm.The data rate of disk is______ KB (Approximately).

Question 5

A disk queue having request for Input to blocks on cylinders is 18,69,107,32,Head is initially positioned at cylinder number 51 and moving to upward. Total number of movements require is ____ if C-SCAN disk scheduling algorithm is used and cylinder limit is 199.

Question 6

Consider a disk queue with requests for I/O to blocks on cylinders 98, 183, 41, 122, 14, 124, 65, 67. The C-LOOK scheduling algorithm is used. The head is initially at cylinder number 53 moving towards larger cylinder numbers on its servicing pass. The cylinders are numbered from 0 to 199. The total head movement (in number of cylinders) incurred while servicing these requests is _______.
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