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GATE 2023 : Network Theory Revision Quiz

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Question 1

Dual circuit represents that:

Question 2

Find the input impedance across the terminal a-b.

Question 3

The equivalent inductance of the following circuit will be:

where, L1 = 2H, L2 = 3H, L3 = 4H

M12 = 1H, M23 = 1.5H, M13 = 2H

Question 4

The equivalent resistance between terminals x-y in the resistance network is

Question 5

If the numerator of a second order transfer function F(s) is a constant, then that represents which type of filter?

Question 6

A 100 μF is charged to 100V. It is then connected to (across) 400 μF uncharged capacitor. How much energy is dissipated in connecting leads?

Question 7

For a two port network Z matrix is given as :

What will be the value of h11 (in ohms) ?

Question 8

The switch has been closed for a long time and opened at t = 0. The voltage across the capacitor is Vc then find the value of

where u(t) is a step function.

Question 9

In a series RLC circuit, resistance R = 0.5 Ω, inductance L = 4 H. Capacitance C = 1 F. What is the value of magnitude of voltage across inductor at resonance frequency. If circuit is excited with voltage of 20 V.

Question 10

The switch in given circuit is open for long time. It is closed at t = 0 sec. The rate of change of inductor current at t = 0+ i.e.  is?

Question 11

The switch has been closed for a long time. It opens at t = 0, find i(t) for t > 0.

Question 12

Consider a charge-voltage relationship for a capacitor as:. The current through the capacitor will be ______ if v(t) = sin(t) volts.

Question 13

Voltage gain (V0/Vs) for two-port network shown below is ______ if.

Question 14

The switch is open at t = 0 and prior has been closed for very long time

Then, the value of .

Question 15

In the given circuit, the value of capacitor C that makes current I = 0 is _______ μF.

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