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GATE 2022 : Network Theory Quiz 7

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Question 1

In the circuit shown, 2-port network N has Y (parameter) =. The current gain  is –

Question 2

Determine the reciprocity and symmetry of the given two-port network.

Question 3

What is the value of ‘β’ for the given two port network if the admittance parameter matrix is

Question 4

The Z-parameters of the two-port network shown below are . Determine the currents and , if .

Question 5

For the mutually coupled inductors shown in figure, the y-parameters does not exist if coupling coefficient equals to

Question 6

In the figure shown below, ‘N’ is two port network. If I = 2 A, then the values of V1 and V2 will be

Assume the Y-parameter matrix for ‘N’ as

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