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GATE 2022 : Network Theory Quiz 5

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Question 1

In the circuit shown below, some measurements were made at the terminals a and b, and given in the table below:

The Thevenin’s equivalent of the network across terminals a and b is

Question 2

Consider the figure shown below, in which the power absorbed by each element is marked on it.

The value of the current ‘I’ in the above DC circuit will be _________.

Question 3

Find he Norton equivalent at terminals a-b of the circuit shown in figure below.

Question 4

Consider the circuit below, the value of maximum power absorbed in the load in W is.

Question 5

Find the Thevenin’s impedance as seen from terminal a-b in the below given circuit.

Question 6

Consider the network shown below with the following data.

Find the maximum power that can be transferred to the load. (in Watts)

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