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GATE 2022 : Network Theory Quiz 4

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Question 1

Find the total inductance of the three series connected coupled coils in figure below:

L1 = 1H ; L2 = 2H ; L3 = 5H

M12 = 0.5 H, M23 = 1H ; M13 = 1H

Question 2

A low-pass filter with a cut-off frequency of 30 Hz is cascaded with a high-pass filter with a cut-off frequency of 20 Hz. The resultant system of filters will function as

Question 3

The filters F1 and F2 having characteristics as shown in figure (A) and (B) are connected as shown in figure(c).


The cut-off frequencies of F1 and F2 are f1 and f2 respectively. If f1 < f2, the resultant circuit exhibits the characteristic of a

Question 4

Two identical coils of negligible resistance when connected in parallel across a 150 V, 50 Hz source, draws a current of 8 A. When the terminals of one the coil is reversed, then current drawn is 10 A. Find the coefficient of coupling between the two coils is _________.

Question 5

For the given circuit determine the coefficient of coupling k, for series resonance condition.

Question 6

An RC coupling circuit is an example of what type of filter?
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