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GATE 2022 : Network Theory Quiz 10

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Question 1

In the circuit below, the node voltages at node a, b and c are 26 V, 6 V and 30 V respectively

What is the value of α in the above circuit?

Question 2

For series RLC circuit Q-factor is:

1. Directly proportional to R1/2.

2. Directly proportional to L1/2.

3. Directly proportional to C1/2.

Choose the correct option:

Question 3

Find the Thevenin equivalent between terminals a-b of the circuit shown below.

Question 4

Consider the circuit shown below,

Find the maximum power delivered to the load RL (in mW) is

Question 5

In the h-parameter model of the two port network given in the figure shown below, the value of h22 is ___________.

Question 6

For the circuit shown below, find the power absorbed by the unknown circuit element.

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