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GATE 2022 : Electrical Machine Quiz 4

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Question 1

For a 1.8o, 2-phase bipolar stepper motor, the stepping rate is 100 steps/second. The rotational speed of the motor in rpm is

Question 2

A 3 stack stepper motor with 12 numbers of rotor teeth has a step angle of ____________.

Question 3

A 200W, 230V, 50Hz capacitor-start motor has the following constants:

Main winding: Rm = 4.5Ω, Xm = 3.7Ω

Starting winding: Rs = 9.5Ω, Xs = 3.5Ω

Find the value of starting capacitance that will result in maximum starting torque. (in μF)

Question 4

Match the following:

Question 5

A 220 V, 50 Hz, 6 – pole single phase induction motor is running at a speed of 940 rpm in clockwise (forward) direction. If the rotor resistance at standstill is 5Ω. Calculate the effective rotor resistance(in Ohm) in the backward branch of the equivalent circuit.

Question 6

A induction motor has double-cage rotor with equivalent impedance at stand-still of (1+j1) and (0.2+4) ohms. Find the relative values of torque produced by each cage at 5% slip. ie Find ratio of T1:T2
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