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GATE 2022: Database Management system Quiz-6

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Question 1

Consider a disk with block size B=512 bytes. A block pointer is P=6 bytes long, and a record pointer is PR =7 bytes long. A file has r=16384 STUDENT records of fixed-length. Each record has the following fields:
NAME (30 bytes), ROLL(9bytes), DEPARTMENT(9 bytes), ADDRESS(40 bytes),
PHONE (10 bytes), DOB(8 bytes), CLASS(4 bytes),
Two additional bytes are used as markers. Multilevel indexing is used.
Total number of blocks required by the multi-level index used:

Question 2

An index file consists of :

Question 3

B tree and B+ tree are used for:

Question 4

Which among the following information is correct forcomposite index?

Question 5

Consider the following key sequence:

10, 3, 6, 8, 4, 2, 1

Let order of the node be 3 where order of the node denotes the no of pointers in a particular node.

Let Y be the no of times node splitting occurs while insertion is done to the B+ tree and X be the no of time node splitting occurs when insertion is made to B tree. What is the magnitude of X-Y?

Question 6

Consider the following B-Tree:

The number of nodes to be traversed in searching for 49 is ______

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