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GATE 2022: Computer Network Quiz-2

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Question 1

Let G(x) be the generator polynomial used for CRC checking. What is the condition that should be satisfied by G(x) to detect odd number of bits in error?

Question 2

Given a message 10011011, find hamming code (Code Word) for this message.

Question 3

Consider the message given by network layer to the data link for its transmission is 01111110111110. Suppose a flag sequence of 8 bits is used to represent the starting and ending of the frame. If the flag sequence appears in the data set, bit stuffing is used to differentiate the data from flag. What will be the data sequence after bit stuffing which is transmitted to the physical layer, when flag sequence is 01111110?

Question 4

Suppose CRC generator polynomial is x3+x2+1 and data that user wants to send is 1011011 then message to be transmitted will be

Question 5

In GB5, we want to send 15 packets and every 7th packet lost then number of transmission required is ____.

Question 6

Which of the following is false?
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