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GATE 2022: Computer Network Quiz-10

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Question 1

Which statement is true regarding classless routing protocols

1) The use of discontiguous networks is not allowed.

2) The use of variable length subnet masks is permitted.

3) RIPv1 is a classless routing protocol.

4) IGRP supports classless routing within the same autonomous system.

5) RIPv2 supports classless routing.

Question 2

In the IPv6 header, the traffic class field is similar to which field in the IPv4 header?

Question 3

In IPv4, Class A IP addresses, there are ______network address and ________host address.

Question 4

In the IPv4, which address is reserved and are not used as host ip address on IP networks?

Question 5

The scaling factor that is use in header extension length field of routing extension header in IPv6 data packet is

Question 6

A network is determined by the subnet ID and a 26 bit net mask. How many hosts are addressable in the provided network?
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