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GATE 2022: Computer Network Quiz-9

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Question 1

Which one of the following aspects is not considered in distance vector routing algorithm at network layer?

Question 2

Find the latency of Token Ring (in bits) where data rate of link is 20 Mbps and 40 stations separated by 100 meters and bit delay at each station is 1 bit. (Assume propagation speed as)

Question 3

Which of the following signals are used for congestion control in the network?

Question 4

The initial congestion window size over a TCP is 1. If slow strat algorithm is used and the size of congestion window incremented by 1 whenever an ACK is received i.e. after first round trip time congestion window size is 2 segments. Assume connection never leaves slow start. Find the number of RTT’s to send 3999 segments.

Question 5

In a leaky bucket system if the output rate is 5 KB/sec and input burst of 50 KB/sec for 10 sec and 10 KB/sec for 50 sec then bucket size in KB is ...............

Question 6

Let a TCP connection is transferring a 6000 Bytes, 1st byte is numbered as 10010, if data are sent in 5 segments with the first 4 segments carrying 1000 Bytes and the last segment carrying 2000 Bytes then number of the last byte send is ___________?
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