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GATE 2021: Surveying and Transportation Rapid Quiz 3 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

If the self-weight of the pavement slab is considered, the temperature stresses at the top of the slab during night time will be

Question 2

If whole circle bearing of a line is 120 °, its reduced bearing is

Question 3

The distance from the principal point to an image on a photograph is 6.44 cm and the elevation of the object above the datum (sea level) is 250 m. The relief displacement of a point if the datum scale is and focal length of the camera is 30 cm is

Question 4

Determine the specific gravity of combined aggregate in a bituminous mix having maximum theoretical specific gravity 2.4 the bitumen content is 8% by weight of the mix and its specific gravity is 1.0

Question 5

If the bubble tube of a level has a sensitiveness of 35 per 2 mm division, find the error in staff reading on a vertical staff at a distance of 100 m caused by the bubble bending 3/2 divisions out of centre.

Question 6

Calculate the equivalent single wheel load(in tons) of a dual wheel assembly carrying 1050 kg each for pavement thickness of 28 cm. The distance between the adjacent wall of tyres is 12 cm and the thickness of tyres is 18cm.
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