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GATE 2021: Surveying and Transportation Rapid Quiz 2 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

In a dual wheel assembly if P is equal to each wheel load, S is centre to centre distance of dual wheels and d is the distance between walls of wheels then

Question 2

Determine the correctness or otherwise of the following Assertion [a] and the Reason [r] :
Assertion [a]: Curvature correction must be applied when the sights are long.
Reason [r]: Line of collimation is not a level line but is tangential to the level line.

Question 3

A transition curve has length 50cm & curvature 0.1 cm-1 . Shift for transition curve is-

Question 4

A pre-timed four phase signal has critical lane flow rate for the first three phases as 200, 187 and 210 veh/hr with saturation flow rate of 1800 veh/hr/lane for all phases. The lost time is given as 4 seconds for each phase. If the cycle length is 60 seconds, the effective green time (in seconds) of the fourth phase is _________

Question 5

An offset is 15 m long and the scale of plotting is 1 cm = 3 cm = 30 m. If the accuracy in linear measurement is 1 in 20, then the permissible error in the angular measurement is
[ The displacement of a point on the paper must not exceed 0.025 cm]

Question 6

Find the clearance time(sec) required at an intersection of two roads both 7.5 m wide having the vehicular traffic speed of 45 kmph. Take the length of the vehicle as 6 m and pedestrian walking speed as 1.2m/s.
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