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GATE 2021: Surveying and Transportation Rapid Quiz 1

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Question 1

If the load carried by a CBR specimen at 2.5 mm penetration is 52.5 kg/cm2, then the CBR value of soil is

Question 2

Curvature correction to a staff reading in a differential leveling survey is

Question 3

An instrument was setup at P and angle of elevation to a vane 4 m above the foot of staff held at Q was 9 ° 30'. The horizontal distance between P and Q was known to be 2000 m. What is the R.L. (in m) of staff station Q?
[Given that the R.L. of instrument axis was 2650.38 m and consider refraction and curvature corrections]

Question 4

An ascending gradient of 1 in 50 meets a descending gradient of 1 in 40. The length of vertical summit curve for a stopping sight distance of 200 m, will be ______m.
[Assume height of eyelevel of driver and object above roadway surface are 1.2 m and 0.18 m respectively]

Question 5

The magnetic bearing of a line AB was N 59 ° 30’W in the year 1967, when the declination was 4 ° 10’ E. If the present declination is 3 ° W, the magnetic bearing in terms of WCB of the line is

Question 6

The spot speed measurements (in km per hour) at a particular site were as given below: 46, 56, 40, 92, 63, 75, 68, 90, 70, 65
The difference between time means speed and space mean speed is --------- km/hr.

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