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GATE 2021 :Surveying and Transportation Rapid Mini Mock (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

Spot speed studies were carried out a certain stretch of a highway with mixed traffic. What is the upper speed limit for regulation and speed to check geometric design element in percentile speed?

Question 2

A level setup near A reads 1.400 m at A and 0.870 m at B . Again when it is kept close to B, it reads 1.350 m at A and 0.800 m at B . If the reduced level of station A is 115m, what is the reduced level of station B?

Question 3

While running a line of levels from a bench mark of RL 23.47 m to another benchmark of RL 23.5 m, It was observed that the sum of backsights is 16.26 m. The sum of all the foresights should be __________m.

Question 4

The staff reading observed by the Height of Collimation method on a 4m level staff held 2.8cm away from the plumb line is 1. 567m.Determine the true staff reading observed.

Question 5

The lost time due to starting delay on a traffic signal approach is noted to be 3 sec, the actual green time is 20sec and the amber time is 3sec. How much is the eefective green time?

Question 6

A plate load test is carried out on a subgrade soil using a 300 mm radius rigid plate. A load of 8 tonnes resulted in a deflection of 1.5 mm. The elastic modulus (in MPa) of the soil, if the poisson’s ratio is 0.5, is

Question 7

The speeds of overtaking and overtaken vehicles are 80 and 50 kmph, respectively on a two way traffic road. The average acceleration during overtaking may be assumed as 0.95 m/sec2. What is the minimum length (in m) of overtaking zone?
[Assume reaction time for overtaking = 2.5 sec.]

Question 8

In an axle load survey the following axle loads (as depicted in the table) are considered. The Vehicle Damage Factor (VDF) if the total number of vehicles on the road in the terms of standard axle loads of 80KN is

Question 9

Calculate the missing lengths CD and DA of a closed traverse ABCD.

Question 10

A mix contains coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and mineral filler in proportion 60:35:5 by weight and their respective specific gravities are 2.7, 2.9 and 1.5 .These materials were mixed with bitumen of specific gravity 1.01 and compacted to unit weight of 2300 kg/m3 having 5% voids. How much %age bitumen does the specimen contain?

Question 11

Length of valley curve provided on the basis of comfort condition _______ m. ( given that gradient is 0.04 and speed is 70kmph)

Question 12

A section line AB 300m long on a flat terrain measures 102.3mm on a vertical photograph. A radio tower also appears on the photograph .The distance measured from the principal points to the image of the bottom and top of the radio tower are found to be 70mm and 80mm respectively . The average elevation of the terrain was 553m , The height of the tower__________ m.

Take f=152.4mm

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