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Question 1

The function given by y = |lxl -1|, is differentiable for all real numbers except at the points

Question 2

Consider the function and refer to the following options.

Question 3

Find the value of limit

Question 4

Given a function f( x ,y) = 5x2 – 4xy + 2y2 + 4x – 4y + 10 ,the optimum value of f(x, y) is

Question 5

Sand is pouring from a pipe at the rate of 12 cm3/sec. The falling sand from a cone on the ground in such a way that the height of the cone is always one-sixth of the radius of the base. How fast is the height of the sand cone increasing when the height is 4cm?

Question 6

If x + y = 10 then maximum value of xy is
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