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Question 1

A transistor is interfaced with output port of an op-amp as shown. Determine the current (in mA) flowing through resistor R.

Question 2

For the given circuit drawn the output voltage Vo.

Question 3

For a n channel MOSFET biased in saturation region, the parameter , VTN = 0.8V and λ = 0.01/V, if the value of drain current flowing inside the MOS transistor is ID = 0.75 mA, the value of intrinsic gain A0 = gmr0 of the MOSFET is equal to :-

Question 4

Consider the transistor circuit shown below:-

If the transistor has β = 19 and VE = 4V then.

Question 5

A voltage Controlled oscillator is designed by using a varactor diode as shown in figure. Capacitance of diode is considered to be 0.5 μF. Calculate the frequency of oscillator in kHz?

Question 6

A junction field effect transistor is shown in the figure. Its drain to source safe current is 20mA and pinch off voltage is -7.8 V. Also rd is given as 30 kΩ

The voltage gain of the amplifier is

Question 7

If an amplifier has a peak-to-peak output voltage of 15 V across a load resistor of 1 kΩ, if the input power to the amplifier is 200 μW. Then power gain will be

Question 8

The output voltage of the regulated power supply shown in figure is

Question 9

Calculate CMRR in the following figure.

Question 10

The 555-timer circuit diagram is given below, its given that , and .

What will be the duty cycle and frequency of the output wave respectively?

Question 11

An ideal voltage amplifier has voltage gain of –1000 and has 1 pF capacitor connected between input and output terminal. If the voltage source feeding amplifier has internal resistance of 100Ω, the upper 3-dB frequency will be ______ MHz.

Question 12

Consider the given amplifier circuit shown below. The circuit has following parameters

rπ = 0245 kΩ , Vt = 26mv

what is the value of 3 – dB frequency f1(Hz) of the amplifiers due to coupling capacitor CC ?

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