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GATE 2019 Soil Mechanics Quiz 17

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Question 1

The vertical stress at point P1 due to the point load Q on the ground surface as shown in figure is . According to Boussinesq’s equation, the vertical stress at point P2 shown in figure will be

Question 2

The contact pressure for a rigid footing resting on clay at the center and the edges are respectively

Question 3

In case of governing equations for calculating wheel load stresses using Westergaard’s approach, the following statements are made.
I. Load stresses are inversely proportional to wheel load
II. Modulus of subgrade reaction is useful for load stress calculation

Question 4

Standard Newmark's influence chart is shown in the given figure. If loaded equally, the area marked 1, 2 and 3 will yield pressure at the centre such that

Question 5

A fotting 2 m × 1 m exerts a uniform pressure of 150 kN/m2 on the soil. Assuming a load dispersion of 2 vertical to 1 horizontal, the average vertical stress (kN/m2) at 1.0 m below the fotting is

Question 6

A 25 kN point load acts on the surface of an infinite elastic medium. The vertical pressure intensity in kN/m2 at a point 6.0 m below and 4.0 m away from the load will be
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