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GATE 2019 Soil Mechanics Quiz 16

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Question 1

Negative skin friction in a soil is considered when the pile is constructed through a

Question 2

Match the items of List–I with List–II and select the correct answer.
P Modulus of subgrade reaction
Q Relative density and strength
R Skin friction and point bearing reistance
S Elastic constants
1. Cyclic pile load test
2. Pressure meter test
3. Plate load test
4. Standard penetration test
5. Dynamic cone penetration test
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Question 3

What is the ultimate capacity in kN of the pile group shown in the figure assuming the group to fail as a single block?

Question 4

A pile of 0.50 m diameter and of length 10 m is embedded in a deposit of clay. The undrained strength parameters of the clay are cohension = 60 kN/m2 and the angle of internal friction = 0. The skin friction capacity (kN) of the pile for an adhesion factor of 0.6 , is

Question 5

The ultimate load capacity of a 10 m long concrete pile of square cross section 500 mm × 500 mm driven into a homogenous clay layer having undrained cohesion value of 40 kPa is 700 kN. If the cross section of the pile is reduced to 250 mm × 250 mm and the length of the pile is increased to 20m, the ultimate load capacity will be

Question 6

A square pile group of 9 piles having depth of 9 m passes through a recently filled up material of 4.5 m depth. The diameter of the pile is 30 cm and pile spacing is 60 cm centre to centre. If the unconfined compressive strength of the cohesive material is 60 kN/m2 and unit weight is 15 kN/m3, the negative skin friction of the pile group is ________ kN.
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