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GATE 2019 Soil Mechanics Quiz 15

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Question 1

A strip footing is resting on the surface of a purely clayey soil deposit. If the width of the footing is doubled, the ultimate bearing capacity of the soil

Question 2

The percent reduction in the bearing capacity of a strip footing resting on sand under flooding condition (water level at the base of the footing) when compared to the situation where the water level is at a depth much greater than the width of footing, is approximately

Question 3

The width of a square footing and the diameter of a circular footing are equal. If both the footings are placed on the surface of sandy soil, the ratio of the ultimate bearing capacity of circular footing to that of square footing will be

Question 4

Find the factor of safety at the heave failure at the base for the following condition. The excavation is 5m high and 2.5m wide. The soil type is cohesive soil having undrained cohesion = 20KN/m2 and the bulk unit weight of the soil is 20KN/m3.

Question 5

In a foundation engineering, two footings are constructed on the surface of purely cohessionless soil. One is circular and the otherone is square. The diameter and side of both are same.The ratio(circular to square) of ultimate bearing capacity is

Question 6

Two footings, one square and the other continuous are founded on the surface of a pure cohesionless soil. The side of the square footing is equal to the width of the continuous footing, then the ratio of their ultimate bearing capacities is
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