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GATE 2019: Manufacturing Quiz 12

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Question 1

Stress-strain curves are an important graphical measure of material’s mechanical properties. It is seen that strain energy increases quadratically with the stress or strain; i.e. that as the strain increases the energy stored by a given increment of additional strain grows as the square of the strain.
In the Stress Strain Curve as shown, point U is known as:

Question 2

Hook’s law of proportionality in the diagram can be explained between point:

Question 3

Which types of stress strain relationship best describes the behaviour of brittle materials as ceramics and thermosetting plastics?

Question 4

If stress values is measured during the tensile test, then which of the following have higher actual value than initial value?

Question 5

Medium temperature tempering increases
i) endurance limit
ii) elastic limit
iii) hardness

Question 6

The point U in Stress Strain Curve shown represents:
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