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GATE 2019 General Aptitude Quiz 7

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Question 1

Going by the __________ that many hands make light work, the school __________ involved all the students in the task.”
The words that best fill the blanks in the above sentence are

Question 2

“The judge’s standing in the legal community, though shaken by false allegations of wrongdoing, remained __________.”
The word that best fills the blank in the above sentence is

Question 3

Select the appropriate option in place of underlined part of the sentence.
Increased productivity necessary reflects greater efforts made by the employees.

Question 4

The question below consists of a pair of related words followed by four pairs of words. Select the pair that best expresses the relation in the original pair.
Unemployed: Worker

Question 5

Choose the appropriate word/phase, out of the four options given below, to complete the following sentence:
Apparent lifelessness ___________ dormant life.

Question 6

A smart city integrates all modes of transport, uses clean energy and promotes sustainable use of resources. It also uses technology to ensure safety and security of the city, something which critics argue, will lead to a surveillance state.
Which of the following can be logically inferred from the above paragraph?
i. All smart cities encourage the formation of surveillance states.
ii. Surveillance is an integral part of a smart city.
iii. Sustainability and surveillance go hand in hand in a smart city.
iv. There is a perception that smart cities promote surveillance.
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