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GATE 2019 General Aptitude Quiz 5

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Question 1

Choose the correct verb to fill in the blank below:
Let us ______________.

Question 2

After India's cricket world cup victory in 1985, Shrotria who was playing both tennis and cricket till then, decided to concentrate only on cricket. And the rest is history.
What does the underlined phrase mean in this context?

Question 3

For submitting tax returns, all resident males with annual income below Rs 10 lakh should fill up Form P and all resident females with income below Rs 8 lakh should fill up Form Q. All people with incomes above Rs 10 lakh should fill up Form R, except non residents with income above Rs 15 lakhs, who should fill up Form S. All others should fill Form T. An example of a person who should fill Form T is

Question 4

Leela is older than her cousin Pavithra. Pavithra's brother Shiva is older than Leela.
When Pavithra and Shiva are visiting Leela, all three like to play chess. Pavithra wins more often than Leela does.
Which one of the following statements must be TRUE based on the above?

Question 5

If ‘KCLFTSB’ stands for ‘best of luck’ and ‘SHSWDG’ stands for ‘good wishes’, which of the following indicates ‘ace the exam’?

Question 6

If the world ‘MAJORITY’ is encoded as ‘PKBNXSHQ’, how will the word ‘DAUGHTER’ be encoded?
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