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G-19 Geotech Revision Quiz 2

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Question 1

In a proctor test the specimen has a bulk density of 18 kN/m3 and moisture content of 13%. What is the additional moisture content required for saturating the sample. Take G=2.68

Question 2

A 25m deep bored pile has a shaft of diameter 1m and enlarged base of 2.5m diameter in lower 1.5m depth. The undrained cohesion of soil varies from 100 kN/m2 at top to 150 kN/m2 at base. Determine the safe load(in kN). Take factor safety = 2.5 and adhesion factor = .45

Question 3

Group I enlists in-situ field tests carried out for soil exploration, while Group II provides a list of parameters for sub-soil strength characterization. Math the type of tests with the characterization parameters

Question 4

A vertical cut is to be made in a soil mass having cohesion c, angle of internal friction ϕ, and unit weight Considering and as the coefficients of active and passive earth pressures, respectively, the maximum depth of unsupported excavation is

Question 5

A retaining wall is constructed in a clayey soil. The height of the backfill is found to be 9m, the unit weight of the sand is 2t/m3 and the angle of internal friction is 30˚. Find out the earth pressure per meter length on the retaining wall with a smooth vertical back.
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