Key Tips to Utilize Quarantine Time for Exams Preparation

By Shristi|Updated : March 30th, 2020

It is truly said that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The Corona pandemic has taken over and our government asked us to stay inside and quarantine for 21 days. Most of your exams are affected due to this crisis. The good thing for all the aspirants is now you have more time to prepare. We must try to overcome the fear and anxiety and focus on what good can this lockdown bring. Let’s utilize this time in a productive and effective manner to make real change in your exam result.

If you were preparing for the exam while working, now you get to sit at home without any office travel. No more wasting time in traveling and visiting relatives, more time to solve mock tests and prepare better.

Exam Preparation Tips for quarantine Time

Here is a list of the exams that are postponed due to COVID-19. We have also curated a list of suggestions and tips that you must follow to utilise your time and prepare for the exam in a successful manner.

  • Begin your day as per your daily schedule

It is extremely important that you curate a daily schedule for your exam preparation. A daily schedule and routine help you manage your time effectively makes you conscious about your productivity level and definitely give the best results. Ensure that your daily schedule includes time for relaxation and workout among your daily studies. Self-discipline and an adequate balance in your day is the key to make the quarantine phase productive and less chaotic.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to consider these days as holidays. Don’t waste time and keep up with the preparation.

  • Thanks to the internet

We are blessed to have the internet at such times. Make the most of the online resources available, we don’t mean Netflix or online gaming. There are plenty of online video classes at BYJU'S Exam Prep by the top mentors of the industry. Make use of those live online classes and get ahead of your peers. Online live exam preparation classes let you learn without compromising on quality and keeps you updated with your studies. You can also get in touch with your teachers for any doubt resolution.

  • Self-isolate in these times of isolation.

Presence of too many people in the house can be overwhelming and can cause distraction in your studies. It is advisable that you find a self-isolation spot for yourself where you can concentrate without interference. Also, be vocal about telling your family that you need quiet time for studies and they will ensure full support for your exam preparation. Continue with your studies with even more effort and concentration and take this quarantine phase like an opportunity to do better. Each one of us has a responsibility in such times and yours is to keep working towards your goal.

  • You have a goal to achieve

Apart from the bigger and final goal of qualifying the exam, you must build a short term goal that you want to achieve after 21 days end. The goal can be around building conceptual clarity around important topics or solving 50 mock tests for your exam. Keeping a goal in sight shall help you in your productivity and concentrated efforts. Decide a goal and post it on your study space as a reminder. You will also have a sense of achievement towards the end. The smaller goal will surely help you succeed in the examination.

Supplement the information for better preparation and fill the gap in your understanding of the topic. You have a golden opportunity here to enhance and improve the level of your preparedness.

  • Solving Mock tests can be your check and balance

There is a good chance that you were following the timeline for your examination and must have completed the syllabus already. If that’s the case, you must only focus on multiple revisions and solving numerous mock tests. Practising quizzes and mock tests will give you better conceptual clarity, boost your confidence and will help you revise most of the syllabus. It will also help you determine your weaker sections and you may work on them as the timeline has been extended to your advantage.

If you were missing out on a few topics from the syllabus, it is a good opportunity to finish the complete syllabus in a comprehensive manner. Now you will be appearing for the exam with complete preparation. Solve sectional tests and full-length test for practice and revision.

Exam test series also help you improve your speed and accuracy that will reduce the negative marking and get you a step closer to the cutoff. Try attempting the free mock test to check your level of preparedness and work towards improving it.

  • Your mentors are supporting you in this phase

You must keep an open dialogue with your teachers. Another advantage of online classes is your teachers are always available to solve your problems and queries both academically or otherwise. You should continue to seek the support of your peers and family if you feel demotivated or troubled.

You may also form online groups on various platforms for group targets and doubt resolution.

  • Take adequate breaks

Take suitable breaks in your schedule. Spend time with your family and loved ones, also help around in the kitchen. You will be surprised about how refreshing the break will be.

There is always a silver lining, level up your exam preparation during quarantine with multiple exam revisions and online coaching classes. Utilise all the possible resources at your disposal and come out as the winner. Stay home and stay safe.



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