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Question 1

A modulus-12 ring counter(Johnson counter) requires a minimum of 

Question 2

The number of states in a 5 bit ring, 5 bit Johnson counter and the number of unused states in a 5 bit ring, Johnson counter.

Question 3

The important feature of n-bit Johnson counter is that

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

A Johnson ring counter consisting of four flip flops will have

Question 5

Determine the number of unused states in 8 bit Johnson Counter

Question 6

Consider the following statements in Johnson counter:
1) A MOD-6 Johnson counter requires 3 FFs.
2) Johnson counter requires decoding gates.
3) To decode each count, one logic gate is used. Each gate requires only two inputs regardless of the number of FFs.
Which of these statements are correct?

Question 7

For a Mod-10 counter, Johnson counter uses X FF’s, ring counter uses Y FF’s and ripple counter uses Z FF’s. Then X + Y + Z will be ________.
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