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ESE Non-Technical Quiz 17

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Question 1

In orthographic conversions, It is required to draw these views for this solid:

Question 2

If a solid is cut by a cutting plane parallel to the base of the solid and top part is removed, the remaining part is called

Question 3

Superimposed dimensioning is a simplified method of

Question 4

The recommended method of dimensioning a sphere with diameter 80 mm is

Question 5

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for some developmental project is mandatory under which one of the following legislations:

Question 6

All the following are project baselines that are generally part of the project management plan EXCEPT

Question 7

______ recognizes that a project or phase should begin and commits the organization to do so:

Question 8

Engineering drawing employs variety of planes. The correct option for various planes are:
A) Perpendicular planes
B) Oblique planes
C) Orthographic plane
D) Side Plane

Question 9

Methods of arrangement of dimensions includes

Question 10

A typical communication system consist of
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