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ESE EC : Digital Circuits Champion Quiz 4

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Question 1

A D/A converter has 5 V full-scale output voltage and an accuracy of ± 0.2%. The maximum error for any output voltage will be.

Question 2

Which one of the following D/A converters have the resolution of approximately 0.4% of its full-scale range?

Question 3

Number of comparators needed to build a 6-bit simultaneous A/D converter is

Question 4

A 5 bit D/A converter has a current output. If an output current Iout = 10 mA is product for a digital input of 10100, the value of Iout for a digital input of 11101 will be.

Question 5

Dual slope integration type Analog-to- Digital converters provide.

Question 6

In which of the following types of A/D converted does the conversion time almost double for every bit added to the device?

Question 7

Analog inputs are converted t digital outputs using op-amps as comparators. Assuming a 5-bit digital output, the number of comparators required would be

Question 8

A dual slope Analog to Digital converter.
1). Responds very fast 
2). Has better accuracy
3). Requires an accuracy and stable dc source.
4). Requires a buffer at the input side

Question 9

Dual-slope integration type Analog-to- Digital converters provide.
1). Higher speeds compared to all other types of A/D converters.
2). Very good accuracy without putting extreme requirement on component stability.
3). Good rejection of power supply hum.
4). Better resolution compared to all other types of A/D converters for the same number of bits.

Question 10

A 10-bit A/D converter is used to digitilize an analog signal in the 0 to 5 V range. The maximum peak to peak ripple voltage that can be allowed in the DC supply voltage is, nearly.
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