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ESE Achiever's plan || paper 1 || Project Monitoring and Control

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Question 1

Consider the following statements regarding resource allocation / adjustment:
1) Economical utilization of resources.
2) Adjustment of resources to have leave variation in resource histogram.
3) Gradual increase in resources.
4) Activities are so rescheduled that maximum projected need for any resource does not cross the limit of available resources.
Which of these statements are correct?

Question 2

What is the process of incorporating changes and rescheduling pr replanning called?

Question 3

The main objective of project evaluation are

(i) To ensure that quality standards of project are maintained

(ii) To ascertain actual cost are within prescribed limit

(iii) To appraise the clients about progress of work

(iv) To take corrective measures if the project is behind the schedule

Question 4

Which of the following tools are used for Project controlling?

(i) Work Breakdown structure

(ii) Critical ratio

(iii) Network diagrams

(iv) Line of balance chart

Question 5

Statement 1: Project monitoring is the process of collecting, recording and reporting project data and information.

Statement 2: Controlling is defined as the process in which data supplied by monitoring is used to bring actual performance in congruence with planned performance.

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