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ESE champion plan || paper 1 || Ceramics, Composites & Polymers

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Question 1

Statement (I): Long chain polymers are weaker than most ceramics and metals.
Statement (II): The molecular chains in long chain polymers are bonded to each other with Van der Waals bonds.

Question 2

Find correct statement regarding glass

i. Glass' is a ceramic which is' a mixture of substances with principal constituent of silica.

ii. Soda-lime (crown) glass having composition of 75% sand 12.5% lime and 12.5% soda

iii. Soda-lime (crown) glass having composition of 61% sand 19.5% lime and 19.5% soda

iv. It is extremely hard (the hardest known material) and has a very low electrical conductivity,

Question 3

Addition of germania in SiO2 will

Question 4

Assertion [A]: Laminar composite are designed to provide high strength and low cost

Reason [R]: Plywood is a Laminar composite

Question 5

Assertion [A]: Kevlar is used to made bulletproof jackets

Reason [R]: Kevlar is an Aramid composite. Aramid composite are known for its toughness, impact resistance and High strength

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