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Question 1

In the frames shown below, what is the horizontal reaction at left support?

Question 2

The figure below shows a pin-jointed frame.

What are the forces in members BE, CD and ED?

Question 3

Assertion (A) : Method of substitution is validity employed in the analysis of member forces in the certain geometries of truss structures.
Reason (R) : It is always easier to analyze determinate truss forms by geometrical diagramming irrespective of conditions at the support points.

Question 4

If the free end of a cantilever of span L and flexure rigidity EI undergoes a unit displacement (without rotation). What is the bending moment included at the fixed end?

Question 5

In the portal frame shown below, what are the distribution factors for members BA ,BC and BD respectively?

Question 6

Match List-| (Analysis Method ) with List-|| (Struxture type) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
A) Kani’s method
B) Force method
C) Column method
D) Displacement method




Question 7

Assertion (A) : Method of moment distribution is classifiable as a force method.
Reason (R) : The method consists os computing end moments due to end rotation of the member.

Question 8

A fixed end beam of uniform cross-section is loaded uniformly throughout the span. What is the proportion of the bending moment at the centre to the end moment considering only elastic condition?

Question 9

What is the value of for the beam shown in figure below?

Question 10

A beam of uniform section fixed at both ends and span 6 m is acted upon by two concentrated loads of 6t each as shown in the figure below. Find the fixed end moments.

Question 11

What is the rotation of the member at C for a frame as shown in figure below?

Question 12

The absolute maximum bending moment that a simply supported grider of span 10 m experiences when two concentrated loads 20 kN and 30 kN spaced 2 m apart (30 kN as leading at the right ) crosses the grider from left to right , is

Question 13

An increase in temperature on the top fibre of a simply supported beam wil cause

Question 14

A propped cantilever beam AB of span L is subjected to a moment M at the prop end B.
The moment at fixed end A is

Question 15

A single-bay portal frame of height h, fixed at the base, is subjected to a horizontal displacement at the top.The base moments developed are each proportional to

Question 16

Which one of the following methods is not classified as a Force Method?

Question 17

Force method in structural analysis always ensures

Question 18

Considering only flexural deformation , which is the stiffness matrix for the plane frame shown in the figure given below?

Question 19

Consider the following statements relating to structural analysis:
1) Flexibility matrix and its transpose are equal.
2) Elements of main diagonal of stiffnass matrix are always positive.
3) For unstable structures, coefficients inleading diagonal matrix can be negative.
Which of these statements is/are correct?

Question 20

The figure given belows shown a rigid frame fixed at A and hinged at C. If a pure moment of 20KN-m is applied at B in the plane of the figure, then what is the moment at the fixed end A ?

Question 21

A fixed beam AB of span L carries a uniformly distributed load w per unit length. During loading, the support B sinks downwards by an
amount . If , what is the fixing moment at B?

Question 22

Dead load of the beams is per unit run. Live load on the beams is per unit run.The two segments are hoisted on simple supports and then continuity is established at the mid-support before live load is applied. The design mid-span moment is

Question 23

A frame ABCD is supported by a roller at A and is on a hinge at C as shown in the below figure. The reaction at the roller end A is given by

Question 24

For the frame shown below, what is the horizontal thrust at A?

Question 25

The carry-over factor CAB for the beam as shown in the figure.

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