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ESE CE: Structural Analysis Champion Quiz 5

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Question 1

A beam carries a uniform distributed load throughout its length. In which of the following configuration will the strain energy be maximum?

Question 2

Consider the following statements:
1) The bending stiffness of a beam cannot be determined from the material characteristics and the dimensions of cross-section of the beam.
2) The boundry conditions of a structure are important in sketching its deflected shape qualitatively as well as for computing the displacement quantitavely.
Which of these statements is/are correct?

Question 3

When a load is applied to a structure with rigid joints

Question 4

By which one of the following methods, an approximate quick solution possible for frames subjected to transverse loads?

Question 5

The propped cantilever AB carries a uniformly distributed load of q/unit length. In this condition the moment reaction MA=.

What is the clockwise moment required at B to make the slope of the deflection curve equal to zero?

Question 6

A cantiiever truss carries a concentrated load P as shown in the figure below:

What are the magnitudes of axial forces in the member I, II, and III, respectively?

Question 7

What is the magnitude of the force in the membe BD in the figure given below?

Question 8

What are the magnitude of horizontal and vertical support reactions, respectively at support A of the frame shown below?

Question 9

What is the most appropriate method for analysis of a skeletal plane frame shown in the figure below?

Question 10

What is the shape of influence line diagram for the maximum bending moment in respect of a simply supported beam?
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