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ESE Achiever's plan || paper 1 || Project Appraisal

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Question 1

Technical appraisal deals with

1. Collaborative agreements

2. Procurement of plant and machinery

3. Layout and location of plant

4. Effect on GDP

Question 2

A project can be terminated if

(i) The technical objectives of project are no longer feasible.

(ii) the NPV and IRR of the project is very high

(iii) the project has very low marketing potential

(iv) the project negatively affects the other projects taken by the organization

Question 3

Commercial appraisal is done for finding

1. Demand in the project market

2. Rate of obsolescence knowledge of product

3. Distribution channels of sales market

Question 4

For a new product the type of market appraisal would be

Question 5

A detailed project report (DPR)

1. is final detailed appraisal report on the project and a blue print for its execution.

2. is prepared by specialized agencies, known as technical consultancy.

3. DPR is the 1st document of project.

Which of these are correct?

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