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ESE Achiever's Plan || Paper 1 || Introduction to Project Management

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Question 1

Which statement(s) is/are correct?

1) Project and operation both have start and end.

2) Project and operation may contain unknown unpredictable elements.

3) Project continually evaluates risk whereas operational processes designed to minimize or eliminate risk.

Question 2

Arrange on the basis of increasing intensity of activities:

1) Closing

2) Planning

3) Initiation

4) Execution

Question 3

The completion of work packages, holding meetings, distributing project information, negotiating contracts and performing quality assurance comes under

Question 4

In a Tender:

1) Earnest money deposit is returned for successful bidder.

2) Earnest money can be converted into society deposit.

3) Security deposit is returned after defect liability period.

Which are correct?

Question 5

Statement (I): It is must to assign project manager before contract is signed.

Statement (II): There is a strong risk that the deliverables or the completion dates for the project may be jeopardized if the contract is signed without any regard to what is needed for the project.

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