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ESE Achiever plan || paper 1 || CPM, PERT, & Project Cost Analysis

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Question 1

What is the duration by which the completion time of any activity can be delayed without affecting the start of any of the succeeding activities?

Question 2

What is the proportional variation and what is the ‘range’ of project duration for the network as shown with the indicated probabilistic a, m, b durations of the respective activities?

Question 3

Activity A, Activity B and Activity C are cast into a ladder diagrammatic CPM network, with splitting each into three equal parts as A1, A2, A3; B1, B2, B3 and C1, C2, C3. Typical sequencing as in a ladder diagram is adopted (like B2 following A2 and B1). The optimum number of dummy arrows needed for a satisfactory and correct ladder diagram will be

Question 4

Consider a series of activities A, B, C, D and E comprising a project where in, a, m, b durations of each activity are indicated. What is the probability of completing the project in 45 days? The area under the normal probability curve is indicated in the table by adopting standard notations.

Question 5

Critical path moves along the activities having total float as
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