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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz || Tension Members

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Question 1

Two angles of ISA have been used as a tie member. The angles are welded on either side of a gusset and tag welded over its length. The maximum allowable length of the member is (For ISA Areaandmm)

Question 2

Determine the block shear strength of the welded tension member shown in figure below, if steel used is of grade Fe410

Question 3

For a tension member connected through bolts of size 16 mm and Fe 410 grade steel is used. The plate size is 275 × 25 mm. The gauge distance and the pitch distance are 50 mm and 60 mm respectively. Taking a factor of safety 1.5, design allowable load for the member is ____.

Question 4

A lap joint is used to connect two flats of width 200 mm and 12 mm thickness with chain pattern bolts having bolt hole diameter 18 mm for M16 bolts as shown in the figure. The yield stress and ultimate tensile stress of flat are 250 N/mm2 and 410 N/mm2 respectively. Partial safety factor for material governed by yield stress and ultimate tensile stress are respectively ϒmo =1.25 and ϒm1=1.25. The design tensile strength of flat by considering net section rupture is

Question 5

A tension member of a bridge truss is subjected to an axial factored tensile force of 450KN and connected to a gusset plate of thickness 22mm using 24mm diameter grade 4.6 bolts in diamond pattern with such gauge and pitch that critical section is having single bolt hole. The minimum thickness of plate required if width of plate 300mm will be? (Use Fe410 grade steel)
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